Considerations Before Scheduling Equipment Installation by Air Conditioning Contractors in Centerville OH

Central air systems have become very common in residential settings, but some homeowners still don’t have them. When a household decides it’s time to have the equipment installed, they can begin calling air conditioning contractors in Centerville OH for estimates. Everyone looks forward to finally having whole-house climate control throughout the hot days of summer.

Correct Sizing

The correct sizing is essential. Experienced contractors know how to properly size this equipment for the square footage and the layout of the house. An air conditioner that’s too small cannot adequately cool the home, and one that’s too large will cycle on and off too frequently. That is hard on the equipment and drastically shortens its lifespan.

Efficiency Ranges

Air Conditioning Contractors in Centerville OH generally provide a range of central air equipment in each size. Homeowners who have a limited budget for installation may need to choose one that has a lower efficiency rating. The most energy efficient systems save money on utility costs and use less electricity, but they cost more up front. Each homeowner has to consider the options and make a choice according to their own financial situation.

Scheduling Annual Maintenance

After installation of a central air conditioner by a contractor such as The Furnace Man Heating & Cooling, it’s important to have annual maintenance performed on the system. This can be done at the same time as furnace maintenance is performed. During the appointment, a technician cleans, inspects and makes any necessary adjustments to the equipment.


Both systems use the same equipment indoors. The exterior central air unit, called the condenser, contains the compressor, a fan, tubes and some other components. Inside are located the air handler, filter compartment, blower motor, ductwork and several additional parts. Browse our website to find contact details for requesting a quote on installation.

With maintenance and routine changing of the air filter, there should be no problems with central air conditioner for many years to come. Most homeowners in this part of the country only rarely need repair work done to the appliance since central air usually is only run for less than half of the year.

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