Signs That Indicate You Need An Air Duct Cleaning

It is a good idea to get commercial air duct cleaning in St Louis, at least once a year. Air ducts have a tendency to become clogged with allergens, dander, pet hair and dust over time. There are several signs that indicate it is time for you to get your air ducts cleaned.

Dirty Air Filters

Your air filter will need to be changed every one to three months. This will ensure that your HVAC system will work at its maximum efficiency. If your air filter gets dirty within two to four weeks of a cleaning, then your air ducts likely need to be cleaned.

Spike in Energy Bill

If your electric bills have been increasing and you cannot figure out why, then your air ducts may be dirty. Your air conditioner will not be able to function at its peak if the air ducts are dirty. A professional can inspect your air ducts and see if they need to be cleaned. They can also seal your air ducts.

Rodent Droppings

If there are rodent droppings inside of your air ducts, then you need to get an air duct cleaning. A rodent infestation can cause serious health problems. It can also reduce airflow. Not only will you need to get your air ducts cleaned, but you will also need to call an exterminator.

Respiratory Issues

If dirt and debris circulate throughout the home, then you can suffer respiratory issues. This includes allergies, asthma and sinus infections. Dirty air ducts can have a negative impact on indoor air quality. That is why of you are sneezing or coughing, then your air ducts may be to blame.

Mold Issues

Moisture can cause mold to grow in your air ducts. Mold can cause health problems if it is not removed.

If you are in need of commercial air duct cleaning in St Louis, then you can contact Classic Aire Care.

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