Residential Air Conditioning Services in Endicott NY Help Homeowners Resolve Leaks in the System

Sometimes, central air systems leak water, which may require Residential Air Conditioning Services in Endicott NY to resolve the problem. Water leakage is one of the most common reasons customers call this type of company for assistance.

Duct Pipe Drips

One common problem is a leak from duct pipes at a joint near the interior appliance. Condensation in the system is supposed to drain from a plastic hose into the floor drain or sump pump well, but pipes that are not tightly joined provide a faster exit point for the water. The homeowner may notice a water drip occasionally running down the side of the ducts. Applying a little clear caulk should eliminate this problem.

Drain Hose Issues

Leaks also can occur if the drain hose is gummed up with debris that builds up over time. Instead of draining properly, the water backs up into the drain pan inside the appliance. When the pan overflows, the water shows up as a wet area on the floor by the appliance. A technician with Residential Air Conditioning Services in Endicott NY can unhook the hose and thoroughly clean it.

Low Refrigerant Problems

If the refrigerant level is too low, the evaporator coil in the exterior unit may freeze and accumulate ice. When the unit isn’t running, the ice melts, leaving a trail of water that’s clearly visible. Unfortunately, when refrigerant gets too low, it can cause the device to stop working properly or break down altogether. Having annual maintenance and an inspection by a service such as Golden Aire Heating and Air Conditioning prevents this problem. The technicians also can make repairs if an issue does develop. Visit the website for information.

Reduced Air Flow

Not bothering to change the air filter often enough also can cause freezing of the coil. The dirty air filter reduces the flow of air over the coil, causing it to become too cold and accumulate ice. Cooling technicians always advise homeowners to change the air filter regularly during warm weather months as well as when the furnace is being used over the winter.

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