Prevent Cold Weather From Taking Over With Furnace Repair in Neenah WI

The typical home uses a furnace for heating, but forced air systems may occasionally break down due to the various mechanical systems they employ. For instance, a gas burning unit uses a flue that must open and close to allow the exhaust to escape. The flue is generally closed so that any other treated air does not exit through it, but it opens when the hot exhaust fumes hit it. If this component gets dirty from excessive exhaust fumes, then the flame may burn erratically or not at all. In this instance, the only option is Furnace Repair in Neenah WI.

Gas furnaces use many devices to ensure they function at specific intervals. One of these is the limiting switch that turns the blower off. A faulty switch may result in continuous operation of the blower or it fails to cycle on. Other possible issues that the furnace may have involve the pilot or ignition system. Older gas units used a constantly burning flame to light the burners, but most new models use an electronic ignition system. A dirty appliance can also suffer from faulty electronics. Dirt can result in heat buildup and this may damage the electronics. Cleaning the appliance regularly can reduce the chance of failure. Issues with high-efficiency models may vary from the standard gas furnace. However, the differences in these appliances are mostly in the way that heat is generated. High-efficiency models take advantage of additional heat from the exhaust.

Electric based units also require the occasional Furnace Repair in Neenah WI. Again, the limiting switch can develop a fault that prevents proper blower function, but most other issues involve the element and circuitry used to generate heat. Electric furnaces create heat using electrical resistance. That is, the element inside the appliance restricts the flow of electricity and this causes it to heat up. Modern versions of electric furnaces are fairly efficient at this, but problems occur if the element breaks or develops a short. Short circuits can create a closed loop that bypasses the thermostat. Thankfully, this dangerous type of failure is rare. The more likely problem is a blown element that prevents any electrical flow. In this case, the furnace will never generate heat and must be fixed by an expert. Learn more about furnace repair from the specialists at Bob’s quality heating & cooling.

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