Commercial HVAC in Lake Charles

While it is true that residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning systems serve the same purpose, namely cooling and ventilating a space, they vary considerably in complexity. Addressing the need for comfort in a typical home varies when compared to a workspace. A residential air conditioner is markedly smaller when being compared to a commercial unit. This makes sense as a commercial system has to cool a far larger space. Commercial systems are also different in terms of system components. In simple terms, the two do different jobs, and the power needed to run them varies considerably. A company that provides professional commercial HVAC service in Baton Rouge embraces knowledge not required by those who maintain simple residential equipment.

Apart from the physical size and placement, commercial equipment also is varied in other ways. Commercial systems need to be more flexible and adaptable. A great deal depends on the type and layout of the building and its use. Other considerations include what is being manufactured or sold in the building. These are but a couple of reasons why companies such as Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors, Inc. are brought in to provide professional repair and maintenance. Commercial HVAC systems feature a complex mechanism when compared to a simple residential air conditioner that requires far less power and is far easier to understand.

The cost of maintaining a commercial air conditioner is more than that required to repair or maintain a rather simple, package unit. A professional commercial air conditioning company understands how the size and mechanical differences impact the efficiency of the system, as well as the ease, or lack of, maintenance and repair. To work on a sophisticated commercial HVAC system requires highly experienced and knowledgeable service technicians. Only by using professionals can a perfect system installation be guaranteed. A commercial HVAC system is not something to be left to technicians who focus on domestic installations. The differences are far too many.

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