Selecting the Best Commercial Fans in New York City

With so many fans available in the marketplace, it can be difficult selecting the best one for your commercial needs. However, there is one type of fan that offers much through its simple design and operation. Direct drive fans are found in many places and offer excellent exhaust ventilation anywhere – from offices to factories. Following are some reasons direct drive fans make a better choice in organizations worldwide.


Direct drive fans usually just include an electric motor, coupling, and fan. This results in better reliability because they use fewer parts. Belt-driven fans have more parts, adding up to more chances of a breakdown.

More Efficient

Since the motor and fan rotate at the same speed, direct drive fans are more efficient since there is less wasted energy. These fans also don’t require the amount of maintenance as belt-driven and other fans. Over time, this means reduced operational costs.

Flexible Use

The compact form of these fans allows them to be used in small areas, providing exhaust air flow from areas where a more complex fan would be impractical.

Perfect for Ventilation

The small footprint allows building engineers to design an effective ventilation system using fans of many sizes to move out dirty air and bring in fresh air. That’s important in a factory, an office, and other settings where people and machines can quickly produce stagnant air.

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