Commercial HVAC Service in Lake Charles

Like many things, air conditioning systems are not all created alike. The result is the same, but there are several major differences between systems used to cool homes and small offices, and commercial systems used in large office complexes, industrial facilities, and stores. Just as the systems are different, so is commercial HVAC service in Lake Charles different from residential air conditioning service. By necessity, a commercial HVAC system is larger and more powerful than any domestic system. The cooling needs of a small area, such as the interior of a home, are much different from those of a large office or commercial building.

Typically, the larger the building, the larger the space, the larger the air conditioning system needs to be. With increased size comes an increased need for more powerful systems. As far more is expected of a system installed in a commercial environment, by definition, the system must be more complex. Commercial space is infinitely larger than a typical home. Not only is it bigger, in many cases the area is segmented into different zones, all of which have different cooling needs. Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is well aware of the differences and know how to manage them. In some cases, the building temperature must be maintained within close tolerances. In other situations, the mandate is human comfort. These variables add to the complexity of sophisticated commercial system design, installation, repair, and maintenance.

Typically, domestic HVAC systems are far less complicated than commercial systems. In many cases, homeowners will carry out basic maintenance by themselves. Commercial systems are far more intricate. Service will invariably be carried out by a qualified commercial HVAC contractor who is familiar with the type of system in use. Due to the size and complexity of commercial HVAC, repairs are considerably more costly than those made to a domestic system. It is even more important to ensure timely service on a commercial unit as any outage may cause a suspension of operations until repairs are made.

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