Possible Reasons for a Lack of Air Conditioning in Your Cleves Home

As the summer heat surges, there’s one thing that keeps your home from becoming hot and uncomfortable: your air conditioner. Sometimes, though, your air conditioner begins to struggle, resulting in little hints of discomfort that become more and more noticeable as the summer drags on. If this happens to you, it’s important to know that there are a few possible reasons for a lack of air conditioning in Cleves, Ohio. To help you diagnose the problem, here are a few causes to consider.

Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant required for air conditioning in Cleves, Ohio, is circulated in a long tube that varies in size as it travels inside and outside your home. As it travels inside, it absorbs hot air, then transfers that hot air outside during time spent in the condenser.

Since this is a closed system, there is a specific amount of refrigerant that is required for the system to function correctly. If there is a leak, therefore, your air conditioner won’t cool your home as effectively.

Dirty “Lungs”

While your air conditioner doesn’t actually have lungs, it does have something similar in a component called the evaporator. This component removes moisture and heat from the air resulting in the dry and cool air that makes your home so comfortable.

In order to work properly, however, this component must be able to “breathe” in that the moisture needs to be able to travel easily through the coils in one direction as the air travels through in the other direction. If dust, hair, and other debris accumulates on the evaporator, your air conditioner will have plenty of trouble keeping your home comfortable.

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