Delaying the Need for Heating Repairs in Rockford With Regular Replacement of the Air Filter

It is a relatively cheap little device, but it has a significant positive effect on a major home appliance. Yet homeowners often ignore this component, not replacing it as recommended and putting more wear and tear on an important system in the home. The device is the heating and cooling air filter. Letting it become clogged with dust and debris can result in a quicker need for heating repairs by Rockford technicians.

Low-Cost, Effective Air Filters

Heating and cooling technicians advise against using the cheapest flat fiberglass filters since they are not very effective at blocking debris from getting into the equipment and back into the home. The least-expensive pleated filters are still very useful for maintaining the efficiency of the furnace. Nevertheless, for some reason, many people avoid spending the $7.00 or $8.00 to replace the filter once every month or two. They wind up making a call for emergency heating repairs by Rockford technicians when a system stops functioning properly.

Improving Air Quality

Not only can homeowners save money by changing the filter as directed, but they also improve the air quality in the home. Particles can escape from clogged, filthy filters and return to the interior air where those bits of dust and pollen aggravate allergy symptoms and increase dust levels on flat surfaces. In addition, a dirty filter starts to translate to a dirty furnace. That reduces efficiency, forcing the appliance to work harder, and making the need for repair work more likely.

When to Replace the Filter

Waiting until there are signs that the filter is obstructed with dust is inadvisable. Instead of replacing the device when the dust is accumulating around the vents or the home starts to smell like dust, someone in the home can simply replace it on the first day of every month.

Scheduling annual maintenance and replacing the air filter as directed are two of the most simple steps people can take to extend the longevity of their heating equipment and prevent inconvenient breakdowns. Maintenance can be performed by a contractor such as Pearson Plumbing, Heating and Pest Control. To get started, visit their website and look for contact information.

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