The Pros and Cons of Using a Tankless Water Heater

Water heaters are very beneficial. You could use it for bathing, cooking, cleaning, etc. It could also be very useful in many kinds of industries. A normal water heater is like a great big version of a pan of water heating on the stove. Water that is inside the tank is heated and held in the tank until hot water is wanted. However, these types of instruments don’t produce a huge amount of heated water. In bigger industries, tankless water heaters are being used. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages in using one.


First, tankless water heaters in Tucson continuously produce heated water. They won’t run out. This is a good advantage for big industries. Second, it could last for as long as five to ten years in continuous use. Third, they consume less space than water heaters with tanks. You could have more useful equipment at hand. Fourth, it could save some of your money by reducing your water heating bill up to 20%. Fifth, it prevents you from keeping gallons of water in a big tank, and with that, you also conserve energy. Water is immediately heated only when it is needed.


Because it is not ordinary equipment, a tankless water heater could cost more than a typical water heater. It may cost three to four times more than the old traditional water heater with a tank. If you are thinking of buying a smaller unit, it may not meet your needs. For example, it may only serve one piece of equipment at a time (it means you may not be able to wash the dishes while someone is taking a bath). Also, since you won’t be needing a tank to store water, you may need a larger gas line for sufficient fuel supply.

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