Save Money with Water Heater Maintenance in Washington County UT

Don’t wait until your water heater delivers nothing but cold water or leaks water onto the floor because it’s rusted. You should contact an individual with experience now to arrange an inspection that can prevent a surprise cold shower and an expensive replacement at the worst time.

Long Life

Depending on the quality of your water, you should be able to use your water heater for ten years or more without major problems. One of the issues that develops that could be dealt with during regular water heater maintenance in Washington County UT is the collection of minerals inside the tank. This can lead to corrosion, especially with lime and calcium, which are present in most household water. If your water source provides “hard” water, it will be high in calcium content and lime content, which can reduce the lifespan of your heater by several years.

You’d be wise to get in touch with St. George Water Heaters. to schedule maintenance that includes draining and/or flushing once each year to extend the life of your heater tank. It’s also important for your inspection to include checking the condition of the heating element and, if applicable, the anode rod that extends into the tank to attract corrosive materials. You should probably replace this important part every five years or more frequently.

Save Money, Eliminate Stress

There’s no doubt that arranging for water heater maintenance in Washington County UT will extend the life of your heater. A person who has the skill and experience in this area will find potential problems and make recommendations to help you extend the service life of the water heater.

If you want to save money and eliminate stress, your next step should be to consult with a professional who can perform regular water heater maintenance and give you up to five more years of convenience. For more information visit

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