Getting Your Furnace Ready For Heating Service in Crestwood

The best time to get your furnace ready for winter is before winter hits. The yearly furnace inspection is the most important investment you can make for your home. A cold, wet home is prone to damage than a warm, dry one. You and your family will also be healthier in a warm home than a freezing one. Follow these tips from this website and your furnace will be ready for inspection.

Remove Any Clutter Around the Furnace

Furnaces generate a lot of heat, especially on their sides. Make sure all objects are many feet away from the heater before it gets turned on. Otherwise, the heat may cause a fire. Removing clutter from around your furnace and hot water heater also makes it much easier for Heating Service in Crestwood professionals to get to, clean and fix your furnace. Although good heating service professionals will move your belongings in order to get at a furnace, this takes a lot of time. Make the yearly inspection go faster by leaving a clear path to and around your furnace.

Check For Mice

Mice love furnaces and hot water heaters during the spring and summer months. They make nests of highly flammable material inside of the furnace that will burst into flames when the furnace is turned on for the first cold day of the year. You do not have to tear your furnace apart in order to check for mice. Check your basement or wherever your furnace is stored. Are there droppings? Are nearby papers, boxes or clothes nibbled on or shredded? Is there a strange musty or urine smell? These are signs of a mouse infestation. Contact a pest control company to eliminate the mice. Tell your Heating Service in Crestwood workers that you think a mouse may have made a nest in the furnace. They will check the furnace before turning it on.

Stock Up On Furnace Filters

Furnace filters tend to be cheaper in the warmer months. This is the best time to stock up. Although filter directions may state that filters need changing every three months, all furnaces are different. Check a filter after one month to see how dirty it gets. If it’s filthy, then change every month. Ask your furnace inspector to show you how to change the filters if you are unsure how. For more information, visit Harster Heating & Air Conditioning online.

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