Heating and Air Conditioning Tips to Keep Your Energy Bills Low

Keeping one’s home warm in the winter and cool in the summer doesn’t come without its costs. During extreme temperatures, people use their HVAC system more often, naturally causing their energy usage to rise. But what about energy bills that soar when temperatures are mild? Check out these tips for keeping one’s heating and air conditioning in Creve Coeur working well for less.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Too often, people heat and cool their homes more than they need to. There’s no need to have the air blasting when everyone is gone for the day. Installing a smart thermostat takes the guesswork out of the heating and cooling the home. These devices learn household habits and adjust the temperature accordingly resulting in reduced energy usage.

Schedule Annual Maintenance Services

Staying on top of HVAC maintenance is one of the best ways to keep energy bills in check. Problems such as clogged filters and worn parts make furnaces and air conditioners work harder to produce average results. Hire professional heating and cooling technicians to service the furnace in the fall and the air conditioner in the spring.

Keep Vents Uncovered

Air vents have one job. That job is to move air throughout your home to sufficiently cool and heat the area. Furniture, curtains, and other objects should never block the vent. Doing so makes it harder to heat or cool the house and the HVAC unit will work harder to meet the household’s temperature demands.

For more questions about heating and air conditioning in Creve Coeur, contact the team at Classic Aire Care online at https://www.classicairecare.com.

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