3 Maintenance Tips From Air Conditioning Contractors Near Morton Grove

Air conditioning contractors near Morton Grove are a modern-day necessity for keeping one’s home cool and safe during hot weather. To prevent unexpected breakdowns and emergency service calls, maintenance is important. Below are three maintenance tips air conditioning contractors near Morton Grove want households to know more about.

Filter Changes Are Mandatory

All air conditioning units have filters that trap dust, dander, dirt, and other airborne debris preventing them from being recycled back into the air. If the filter isn’t changed regularly, it becomes clogged and indoor air quality suffers. Replacing the filter once every 30-90 days prevents this from happening and also prevents the air conditioning unit from working twice as hard. An overworked AC unit will eventually breakdown.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Split AC units have an indoor air handler and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit has a condenser and a fan. Air conditioning contractors recommend that hosing off the unit at least once a week and checking for large debris that could impede the fan’s function. A great time to do this maintenance is after cutting the grass. It takes very little time to do but can make a huge difference in how well the air conditioner performs.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Once a year, before using the air conditioner for the first time, contact air conditioning contractors near Morton Grove for professional maintenance services. Doing this will ensure that any minor problems get corrected and there are fewer chances for unexpected breakdowns. To schedule a maintenance service, contact Heatmasters Heating & Cooling, or visit their website today.

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