How to Make Residential Heating and Cooling Systems Last Longer

As nice as it would be if residential heating and cooling in Irvington would last forever, that isn’t the case. Although HVAC systems eventually need replacing, there are actions homeowners can take to lengthen their systems’ lifespan.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Checks
Many HVAC companies offer affordable maintenance programs that are designed to keep furnaces and air conditioners running their best for many years. It’s recommended that homeowners have their furnaces inspected and maintained in the fall before the winter chill arrives and their air conditioners serviced in the spring before summer’s oppressive heat and humidity rolls into town.

Fix Problems Early
The average furnace and air conditioner last up to twenty years, but that lifespan can be shortened significantly when problems aren’t fixed right away. Homeowners shouldn’t ignore poor heating or cooling, weird sounds, or other signs of malfunctioning systems. Contact a local HVAC specialist soon to diagnose and fix the problem.

Install Ceiling Fans
Homes with ceiling fans use HVAC systems more efficiently. When used properly, ceiling fans distribute warmed or cooled air putting less pressure on residential heating and cooling in Irvington. Most people who have ceiling fans use them during the summer to cool their rooms, but used during the winter is advantageous too. Simply reverse the fan direction and any hot air that has risen will be pushed to surface level.

Homeowners who want to learn more about how to make their residential heating and cooling in Irvington last longer, contact the pros at Crowther Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today.

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