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Treating the environment in a modern building is a crucial step in comfort. One reason for this is the extreme energy efficiency of today’s insulating techniques. Highly insulated buildings can hold heat and allow the air to stagnate. Quality heating and cooling near Maryland Heights can help by providing a comfort system that heats and cools the space thoroughly. Typically, this is an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, but the use of a heat pump or split appliance will work equally well.

The HVAC uses multiple cabinets so that the heat can be collected from the indoor areas and moved outdoors. The external cabinet houses a condenser system that pressurizes a chemical refrigerant. Compressing the refrigerant forces a state change so the chemical can collect heat as it passes through the evaporator coil. This heat transfer chills the metal of the coil, which is then transferred to the air with a blower.

Heating and cooling near Maryland Heights with a heat pump uses a similar principle, but the heat pump is more efficient. Heat pumps use a heat sink to collect and release heat. This is often the air around the unit, but other heat sinks such as the earth or water will work. The heat is accumulated in a small amount of refrigerant and transported to the other side of the appliance to be released. Distribution in the home or work areas may require a blower and duct setup. Warming the space is a matter of reversing the flow of heat through the pump.

The split or ductless system is rather like a combination of the HVAC and the heat pump. Split systems have the external condenser system that compresses the refrigerant and the ability to reverse the flow of refrigerant to switch between heating and cooling. The delivery of the treated air is handled with multiple air handlers that mount on the wall. These are small devices that require very little space so that the installation doesn’t have that industrial look. The primary benefit when opting for the ductless heating and cooling system is zone control. The ability to set different temperatures provides the property owner with the ultimate in environmental control. Contact Classic Aire Care to learn more about heating and cooling services.

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