Heating Service Contractors Can Add Improvements During Furnace Installation

When a homeowner is ready to have a new furnace installation in Granada Hills, skilled Heating Service Contractors can do the work and add some improvements if the customer is interested. Examples of improvements with a heating system include a highly effective and long-lasting air filter, a whole-house humidifier and additional duct work.

Premium Air Filter

A furnace can be installed with a space for a large pleated air filter that may only need to be changed annually, depending on factors such as pets living in the house and people smoking indoors. These air cleaners, with pleats that fit into slots, are more effective than cheap filters available at hardware and home improvement stores. Not having to change them every month or two is a welcome convenience aspect. In fact, if requested, a heating and cooling technician typically will replace the filter during the annual furnace cleaning and inspection with no extra cost for labor.

Whole-House Humidifier

Heating systems dry out the air and lead to static electricity and shocks. That lack of humidity also can cause or aggravate dry skin, dry eyes and dry nasal passages. Portable humidifiers are inconvenient solutions for this problem. They only provide moister air to a relatively small part of the home. They also require regular refilling, and the filter media tends to crumble and become messy.

With a whole-house humidifier installed by Heating Service Contractors, the device is attached to the furnace so the moister air is directed to all rooms with vents. Now the entire home is more comfortable.

More Ducts

If any rooms in the house tend to be chilly, another duct and vent to the room can resolve that problem. This tends to happen in longer homes with the furnace situated at one end and inadequate duct work for consistent heat distribution. Homeowners will be pleasantly surprised at how much cozier the distant room feels with the additional pipe. Another advantage for people with a central air system is that the room will be consistently cooler than it used to be in the summertime too.

A company such as Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating can do all these projects while installing a furnace.

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