Studies Show That Keeping Your Employees Cool Increases Their Productivity

Air conditioning changed the world. It has changed the world of business, and with a portable electric air conditioner, no production area needs to be stifling for employees. In addition to furnishing physical comfort to employees, commercial air conditioning can provide health benefits, too. Studies have shown hot temperatures create adverse effects on people’s health.

Many Products From Which To Choose

We founded the portable cooling industry in 1982. Some of the products available include:

  • The Classic 10 provides 10,000 Btu/h of cooling
  • The Classic 40 is programmable and can be mounted on the ceiling
  • The Climate Pro K63 is perfect when you need a significant response to high temperatures
  • And more

Click the link below to discover for yourself the many products available.

Where To Use a Portable Electric Air Conditioner

The short answer for where to use these portable air conditioners is just about anywhere and almost everywhere. Some specific applications include:

  • Construction for quick relief
  • Healthcare for spot cooling and emergencies
  • Industrial to prevent product loss
  • And many more

Spot cooling is excellent for cooling just the place you need to. This solution can be perfect for offices and schools. It is not only “spend smart;” it is also “use smart.” Increasing circulation in areas people congregate to work or study is more necessary than ever today.

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