Why a Direct Drive Blower Is a Much Better Option in a Brooklyn Furnace

Why a Direct Drive Blower Is a Much Better Option in a Brooklyn Furnace

When you are looking to buy a furnace, you need to pay attention to what kind of blower motor it has. There will be two types to choose from, one that is belt-driven and one that has a direct drive. While either type of blower is fine, there are definite advantages to using a direct drive blower.

No Worrying About The Belt Breaking

With a belt-driven blower, there is the obvious risk of the belt breaking from overuse or from age which of course will demand that it be replaced. With a direct drive, there are no belts present so you can run it without the fear of a belt suddenly snapping.

No Slippage

Another benefit of having a belt-free blower is the fact that there is no chance of slippage. A belt that becomes worn or stretched out will often slip from the gears or pulleys. When the belt slips, it will cause the blower motor to overheat and shut down. Under certain circumstances, it can even cause complete blower failure.

Less Maintenance

A direct drive blower needs significantly less maintenance than does its belt-driven counterpart. The main reason for this is that there are far fewer moving parts in a direct model. This equates to less chance of anything breaking down. In the long run, direct blowers are cheaper to own and operate.

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