More HVAC Features to Consider During Furnace Replacement in Charleston, SC

When homeowners plan to replace a furnace, this is an ideal time to schedule installation of other heating and cooling features the residence does not yet have. They save money if the technicians complete all the work during one appointment. Contractors providing HVAC installation in Charleston, SC can complete several projects in one day.

Central Air

Most South Carolina homes have central air conditioning, but some households still rely on a window unit. Having central air installed during the furnace replacement appointment is a smart idea for homeowners wanting cool air throughout the building. Many heating and air conditioning contractors providing HVAC installation in Charleston, SC offer financing.

Digital Thermostat

Replacing an old analog thermostat with a digital model is advisable. First, depending on how old that device is, it may be approaching the end of its useful lifespan. Second, digital products allow for precise temperature settings.

If the residents keep to a relatively regular schedule, a programmable thermostat can help them save money on utility bills. It can be set to adjust the temperature when everyone has left for the day and again when the first person is due to arrive home. The automatic process is efficient since nobody needs to remember. On days when the schedule is more erratic, the usual setting can be placed on override.

Whole-House Dehumidifier

Whole-house dehumidifiers are useful in regions with warm and muggy summers. Although central air decreases interior humidity somewhat, this device is more effective. Now the household residents can set the temperature higher and still feel comfortable.

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