3 Times to Always Make the Call for AC Repair in Batavia, IL

Everyone’s heard horror stories about air conditioning repair and replacement. Still, vigilance is the key to affordable AC repair in Batavia, IL. People who know the signs of a struggling air conditioner can get help faster and, more times than not, get away with cheaper repair bills.

1. Air Conditioner Blows Lukewarm Air

When the air conditioner runs, the air coming from the vents should be cool. It doesn’t need to be ice cold, but it shouldn’t be lukewarm. If the house doesn’t feel like it’s getting cool, but the AC is frequently running, place a hand or foot over the vent and test the air’s temperature. Call a service technician to check the unit if the air isn’t cool. Restricted airflow, low refrigerant, and fan issues are a few reasons the vent might emit warm air.

2. Paying More for Electricity

Electricity bills rise in the summer because people use their air conditioning more often. Still, the bill shouldn’t be so high that it makes one want to live in Alaska. Skyrocketing energy bills during the summer indicate the AC isn’t working efficiently. Have a service technician inspect the unit to get a better idea of what’s going on.

3. The Unit Short Cycles

Short cycling is when the AC unit runs over and over, but it never completes a cycle. One’s home might feel cool when their AC unit’s short cycling, but it’s not good to let the situation continues. Eventually, the short cycling will wear the unit down and shorten its lifespan.

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