Work With Professionals When Choosing a New Water Heater in Lancaster

Most people don’t have experience purchasing a new water heater. This is because it is not something that needs to be done often. If you are about to choose a new water heater and need water heater installation in Lancaster, PA, there are a few things you should know.

One of the first things you will need to consider before purchasing a new water heater is the fuel source used for it. Residential water heaters commonly run using electricity or gas. If the hot water heater you currently have is gas-fired, find out whether it uses propane or natural gas. It is common for gas heaters to have a higher upfront cost. Also, they require special ventilation for health and safety. The great thing is they have lower operating costs over the long term. You can talk with professionals who offer water heater installation in Lancaster, PA, about the type of unit that is right for your home.

These professionals can also provide information on energy efficiency. A hot water heater is the third largest energy consumer in a home. You want the unit you choose to be as energy efficient as possible. Get familiar with the energy factor rating. This measures how efficiently a hot water heater will convert energy into heat and how much of it will be lost when hot water is stored.

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