How to Replace a Hot Water Heater in Virginia Beach Effectively

Thankfully, hot water heater installation in Virginia Beach is not complicated and can be done in just a few hours. If your hot water heater begins to leak or make strange noises, get it replaced immediately. Minor malfunctions can lead to catastrophic failure and result in massive plumbing damage. With that being said, here are some tips on how to replace a hot water heater in Virginia Beach.

Know The Signs of a Failing Water Heater

If you have a hot water heater, you need to inspect it every year or when you have plumbing work done. These inspections will catch many problems before they become too severe and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Shop for a new hot water heater

You should consider several factors when shopping for a new hot water heater. First, you’ll want to decide what kind of water heating system you want to use. Next, you’ll want to decide on the size of the water heater. The size of your family mostly governs this.

Turn Off The Water Supply

Before disconnecting the existing water heater, you’ll want to turn off the water supply. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of flooding your home. You’ll want to turn off the water at the main shutoff valve and the heater shutoff valve. Consult a trusted plumbing guide if you’re unsure where the shutoff valve is.

Install The New Hot Water Heater

Once the old water heater is disconnected, you can begin with installing the new one. Start by connecting the gas line to the new water heater. Next, attach the new water heater to the wall and connect it to the water supply line. Finally, flip the shutoff valve inside the water heater to “On.”

Hopefully, this guide has prepared you to make a decision on what water heater to purchase and how to replace a hot water heater. As hot water heater installation in Virginia Beach can be a daunting task at times, if you lack a plumber, it’s not something that you need to be afraid or nervous about. You always contact MSCO, a company that offers HVAC services in Virginia Beach. To replace your hot water heater effectively, contact MSCO – Mechanical Service Company today.

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