Stay Alert for these Signs of Water Heater Repair in Birmingham, AL

Hot water is essential for modern-day living. Yet, it’s common to take having hot water for granted until it’s no longer available. Fortunately, no one has to get stuck without hot water—not when households know the signs that it’s time to call for water heater repair in Birmingham, AL.

Sign 1 – Inconsistent Heating

A water heater that works well will deliver hot water consistently. If the water starts hot but turns lukewarm or cold and repeats this pattern, there’s an issue with the appliance’s heating element.

Sign 2 – Loud Noises

Water heaters shouldn’t make loud noises. Sure, they make some noise while heating, but they shouldn’t make other popping or slapping noises. If these noises are present, it’s a sign that there could be hard water buildup in the tank. The popping sound is the sediment in the bottom of the tank heating up and exploding during operation. Although there’s no danger of the tank exploding, allowing the problem to continue will harm its interior heating elements. Have the tank serviced soon.

Sign 3 – Leaky Water Heater

There are two types of water heater leaks: repairable and non-repairable. If the tank is leaking at the connection point between the water pipe and the top of the tank, a technician can repair this. Water heaters that leak from the bottom are usually rusting from the inside out and need to be replaced before the bottom completely falls out and flooding occurs.

To schedule water heater repair in Birmingham, AL, contact the pros at Wilbur’s Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today.

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