Warning Signals and What to do When Your Air Conditioner Fails in St. Charles

If your home or office is not staying cool, it might be time to call for an AC repair in St. Charles, IL. These service professionals know how to diagnose and repair heating and air conditioning units for residential and commercial properties.


When your unit stops working, it can be difficult to determine the problem on your own. It might be a mechanical or electrical failure. Sometimes an air conditioner wastes electricity because it is not working correctly. Watch for low airflow, moderately cool air, and unusually high electric bills. If you notice any warning signals, it may be time to call for service.


An AC repair in St. Charles, IL, may involve replacing a thermostat. If this is your situation, consider upgrading to smart technology. A heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) company can wire you in and connect you to your home system. There may be an electrical gremlin causing your issue, or you may have a malfunctioning compressor. The problem may even lie in the ductwork.


The solution might be to get a replacement part or something more costly, such as a new unit. To extend the life of your existing system, it is a good idea to get routine maintenance. A service professional will replace the filters, clean the coils, and drain the drains. In addition, maintenance professionals will examine wires and electrical connections and adjust refrigerant levels.

Because of the work these units do, routine maintenance is necessary, but at some point, an HVAC will tire and fail. For assistance with AC repairs in St. Charles, IL, contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling.

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