When to Request an AC Repair Service

In St. Augustine, FL, where demands are high, it is not unusual for AC units and systems to break down or malfunction. This can be disastrous on a hot day, let alone during a heat wave. Yet not every malfunction requires calling a company that focuses on AC repair in St. Augustine, FL.

When Do You Call an AC RepairService?

Anytime an AC fails to function optimally, some people will call in an air conditioning repair service. This can be an overreaction. Your system might only require you to change the filter. However, there are times when you should turn the system off and call in a repair service. Among the most common are the following:

  • Nothing works at all. This indicates a major issue
  • Ice may be seen forming on the coils. This can result in damage to the AC unit as well as a few health problems associated with the growth of mold.
  • Different electrical issues are evident including:
    • The tripping of a breaker repetitively
    • The smell of electrical wires and/or components burning
    • The electric lights in your residence or business dim when the system clicks on

AC Repairs

Air conditioning units are not invulnerable. Like other appliances, they can malfunction or break down completely. If the issues are serious, or if you do not have the skill or tools to address simple matters, never hesitate to call an AC repair service. For affordable, professional plumbing and AC services delivered promptly, contact the experienced technicians at Duck Rooter Plumbing, Septic & Air Conditioning.

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