Water Heater Systems in Somerset: Everything you need to Know

In Somerset, UK, homeowners rely on heating systems all year round for everyday household activities, especially during winter. Therefore, you need a functioning water heating system for your peace of mind and a better quality of life. In this article, we discuss all you need to know about the water heater system in Somerset.

What are the main types of water heater systems?

Even if the general design of a water heater is simple, different systems exist in the market. The heaters differ in operation, fuel type, size, energy efficiency, and purchase price. Understanding these variables can help you get an appliance that will satisfy all your unique demands.

• Storage water heaters

These water heaters, which can be gas-powered or electric-powered, heat and hold water in large storage tanks. The electric-powered models are less expensive, while the gas-powered models heat water faster. These heaters don’t require regular flushing or cleaning, but they take relatively long to refill, limiting their hot water supply.

• Tankless water heaters

These heaters offer an unlimited hot water supply as they heat water when needed. As such, they are energy efficient and cheaper to operate. Tankless water heaters, however, are expensive to purchase and install. Furthermore, at low flow rates, they cannot supply hot water to multiple water fixtures at the same time.

• Heat pump water heaters

These water heaters don’t make use of traditional heating systems. They transfer heat from the environment to water in tanks. They don’t rely on electricity and can save you some money. Despite the low operating cost, these heater systems can only work in hot climates.

• Solar water heaters

These systems make use of the sun’s solar energy to heat water. They are easy to operate even in cold climates. For such heating systems, however, lack of the sun will limit their operation, which makes them unreliable in Somerset’s temperate climate.

• Condensing water heaters

Unlike traditional gas-powered heaters, these systems utilize exhaust gas from your household’s central heating unit. Therefore, they can only be installed in households with natural gas heating units. They have a hot water storage tank, which will help you save money on heating costs.


A well-maintained water heater system in Somerset will help ensure a constant supply of heated water. If you’re seeking to purchase, install, maintain, or repair a water heating system in the UK, South West Heating is your trusted partner.

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