Pro Tips: When to Call for Water Heater Repair in Springfield, MO

Are you worried that you might need water heater repair in Springfield, MO? Here are some signs to call a plumber for repair services.

The Pilot Light Doesn’t Stay Lit

The pilot light is the mechanism that fires up your water heater’s burner. If the pilot light is out or there’s something wrong with the ignitor, the water heater won’t heat. To check if this is the problem, locate the pilot light’s control knob. Is it off? If so, switch it to the on position, and that’s a wrap. You should have hot water in a bit. But what if the knob is on? In this case, you need to keep troubleshooting. If the light doesn’t stay lit, an issue with the gas line might be the problem. Contact a plumber for a complete diagnostic and confirmation if water heater repair in Springfield, MO is really needed.

Water Heats Inconsistently

If you’re having problems with your home’s hot water heating inconsistently, you need to have your water heater inspected. The problem could be a defective burner, sediment buildup in the tank, or a mechanical issue. A licensed plumber will inspect the heater and make recommendations for repairs.

The Water Heater Makes Weird Sounds

Water heaters make sounds when they first turn on or when the water’s being heated. However, they shouldn’t make popping, slapping, or other odd sounds. If you hear these sounds, turn off the water and call a plumber to inspect the heater.

To schedule water heater repair in Springfield, MO, contact Jon Wayne Heating & Air.

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