Understanding Your Heating Options in Rockford, IL Before Installation

Rockford, IL experiences cold winters, so a heater is necessary to keep your household comfortable and safe. When it’s time for you to get new heater installation, it’s an opportunity to upgrade your home’s HVAC system to something more modern and energy-efficient. However, there are a lot of heating solutions out there. Which one is right for you? Learn more about your options for heating in Rockford, IL.


Furnaces are one of the most popular types of heaters. A unit heats air using a heat exchanger powered by gas. The warm air is transported throughout the house through ductwork.

Furnaces are highly effective, but they aren’t the most eco-friendly solution. The gas burned to generate heat also emits toxic gases, which must be delivered outside your home into the atmosphere.


Instead of heating the air, boilers heat water to heat your home. The hot water travels through a circulatory system of radiators when in operation. This hot water doesn’t enter your air, making it a cleaner option than furnaces, which can collect dust in your home’s ducts.

You’ll have the opportunity to choose between a gas-powered boiler or an electric boiler. Electric boilers aren’t as powerful and cost more to operate, but they are the more eco-friendly solution.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a highly efficient option since it doesn’t create new heat but gather the existing heat in their environment and distribute it appropriately.

When you are looking to install new residential heating in Rockford, IL, schedule an appointment with Pearson Plumbing & Heating. Visit PearsonGuy.com for more information!

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