An Air Conditioning Contractor in Neenah WI HAn Air Conditioning Contractor in Neenah WI Helps Area Residents Beat the Heatelps Area Residents Beat the Heat

by | Jul 29, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

In Wisconsin, it’s that time of year when temperatures soar and electric bills skyrocket. Although this type of weather isn’t frequent in the Dairy State, residents generally don’t want to deal with that type of heat except when they have to. Temperatures above 90, especially with the region’s high humidity, can make people feel irritated, fatigued and even ill. Hot weather disrupts sleep and makes it hard to concentrate. Homeowners who have had enough can hire an Air Conditioning Contractor in Neenah WI to install a central air unit and allow them to enjoy cool indoor temperatures even on the hottest days.

In late July 2016, the Midwest is being blasted with a heat wave, and Wisconsin hasn’t been left out. With temperatures in the upper 90s, residents seek ways to keep comfortable. That can be nearly impossible without an Air Conditioning Contractor in Neenah WI to install a central air system. Other options include installing a room air conditioner and running a powerful window exhaust fan at night. However, the room unit doesn’t cool off the entire house, and it has trouble keeping up when the weather is so extreme. The exhaust fan works well for ridding the house of hot air and bringing in cool air, but this isn’t effective when the exterior temperature doesn’t drop much below 80 degrees at night.

Some residents of the Neenah area are lucky enough to have homes on Lake Winnebago, and they can enjoy cool breezes from that large body of water. Most area residents, though, live a good distance from this inland sea. They have the usual problems with hot temperatures, especially in the urban environments of the growing metro area. Fortunately, this region experiences only about six or seven days in the 90s on average annually. Nevertheless, summer temperatures in the middle to high 80s are very common, and air conditioning is a relief then as well.

A contractor like Four Seasons Heating & Cooling can install, maintain and repair a central air system for homeowners in this region. The technicians can do the same with furnaces, making the company an all-around climate control service.


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