Avoid a Failing AC With Expert Air Conditioner Service in Derby KS

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

There are a number of ways to cool a home, but they aren’t always as effective as they might be. For example, using an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system on a hot day may not eliminate the heat the way the property owner expects. One possible concern is the system straining excessively to cool the building or running continuously in an attempt to perform its function. This particular issue could have multiple causes such as a blocked evaporator coil, an inability to eliminate heat through the condenser coil or a low refrigerant level. Surprisingly, each of these issues have an easy way of eliminating them, superior Air Conditioner Service in Derby KS.

AC service is a general phrase that is used to specify cleaning and repairing the appliance. The amount and type of work will often depend on the age of the appliance and how heavily it is used. Continuously operating the appliance will make air conditioner service in Derby KS a requirement because moving all of that treated air will allow dirt and dust into the appliance. This could have a negative impact on the system and the way it performs its job.

For the most part, AC service should be done sometime during the winter or early spring when the appliance is not being used. This allows for cleaning hard to reach areas such as coils and various parts of the air exchanger. The evaporator coil gets dirty and may even clog when dust inside the system mixes with any condensation from that coil. Eventually, this gunk will harden around the metal of the coil and reduce the amount of cold air the unit produces. Alternately, if the condenser coil is dirty or blocked, then the unit cannot release the collected heat completely which makes the system run hotter and function less reliably.

There is one thing about AC maintenance that everyone can rely on. If the appliance is not maintained, then its service life is greatly decreased! This implies that the property owner will then be spending more to cool the building than is truly necessary. Luckily, they can call an expert such as Kelley and Dawson Service to learn more about maintaining or repairing those comfort appliances.

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