Causes of Frozen Coils and When to Call for Commercial HVAC Repair in Charleston, SC

by | Apr 17, 2017 | HVAC Contractor

Frozen HVAC coils may occur any time of year. From the beginning of spring to the early days of fall, any time the system is running, there is the potential for frozen coils if all the factors are present. Getting to know some of the most common causes of frozen HVAC coils can help a business owner prevent the situation. It will also let the owner know when it is time to call for Commercial HVAC Repair in Charleston SC.

Dirty Air Filters

In most cases, excessive heat isn’t the first noticeable warning sign there is something wrong with a commercial HVAC unit. One potential cause of this is if the air filters have become dirty. Air filters that need to be cleaned or replaced won’t work properly. Air has to be constantly circulating while the unit is running to ensure the coils don’t become too cold.

Fans that are Broken and Blocking the Airflow

Having clean air filters doesn’t guarantee the system is going to operate smoothly. A broken fan may also block and obstruct the airflow. Fan blades that need to be cleaned and broken motors can add to this problem. Just like the air filters of your system, the condition of the fans matter.

Condensate Lines that are Blocked

The condensate lines are essentially a draining system for the HVAC system. Humidity can result in moisture building up, and the moisture has to be released somewhere. The pipes are responsible for funneling the moisture into floor drains that are nearby. If the pipes are clogged, the water may collect near the evaporator coil, which causes it to freeze.

Potential Refrigerant Leaks

The liquid coolant the HVAC system uses to remain cool is the refrigerant. It is what moves through the coils. If leaks occur, then the pressure will be lost, causing more issues with the system. If this happens, it is important to call for Commercial HVAC Repair in Charleston SC right away.

Unfortunately, frozen HVAC coils are a common issue with systems. If a business owner suspects something is wrong, they should contact the professional staff at Preferred Home Services. Knowing the most common problems is the best way to prevent a breakdown.

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