Commercial HVAC Contractors in Tacoma Offer Design Services

by | Feb 18, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

Do you have special needs for your commercial or industrial heating and cooling? Perhaps it is time for a new system, or you are expanding your facility. Before you go with standard cooling or heating, you should consider HVAC contractors in Tacoma offering custom services. Companies like MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions can take care of your entire project from the planning stages to completion.


Before you turn your project over to your staff, you should think about getting professional help. For example, HVAC contractors in Tacoma offering custom services have skilled engineers who design many kinds of HVAC projects. They can take care of all your design needs or work with your staff to come up with a custom solution to every problem.

Project Management

During the planning process, you have the benefits of project management specialists. You receive detailed plans with a focus on lean construction methods to help keep your project on budget. Your project management team makes sure to include important factors like quality control, cost management, and safety. They can service your needs for large facilities or a small upgrade project.


Do you have a difficult or challenging HVAC project? If so, you may benefit from custom designed and manufactured ductwork. Perhaps you need a computer or control room, and you want it kept at an exact temperature. When you choose the right HVAC contractors in Tacoma, you enjoy the benefits of custom fabrication services. They have their fabrication shop to make anything you need.


Without an efficient filtration system, no HVAC system can function at peak efficiency. Your HVAC experts can design and make you custom filters to fit perfectly and provide the most filtration possible. These are only a few things your HVAC specialists can do for your business. Call them today to discuss your needs.

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