Consider Geothermal When a Water Heater Replacement in Norfolk VA is Required

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The average water heater lasts for eight to twelve years. Proper maintenance can prolong that a year or two, but staying with the same type of system can become expensive. Those who plan on living in the home for decades may want to consider a geothermal system. Compare the two systems the next time water heater replacement in Norfolk is recommended.

Initial Costs

The initial investment is higher, but the renewable energy will save massive amounts of money on utility bills. A full return on that investment can be realized within two to six years. After that short amount of time, energy costs are minimal all year around.

Geothermal systems utilize the sustainable energy of the earth. The temperature underground remains consistent, so the system transfers energy instead of creating it. A little electricity is needed for the pump component, but that is the extent of the energy it uses.

One System All Year

A geothermal saves money on more than just energy costs. The one system provides both heat and cooling for the home. Inspections, maintenance, and any repairs will only ever be required for one system. That is much more cost-effective than the upkeep on a separate system for heating, and one for cooling.

Switching functions is quick and easy. A valve within the pump can be reversed in one step. Hot air is pumped into the building in cold months. Warm air is forced out of the space to cool it in the summer. This option for Water Heater Replacement in Norfolk VA will also cover cooling system replacement.


Geothermal energy relies on pipes being looped underground. The configuration depends on the available space and the needs of the building. Looping can be just under the surface, or deeper in the earth. Experienced professionals will be able to determine which style of looping is appropriate.

If there is little yard space, for example, the loop can be installed along the side of the house and reach deep down to include the right amount of piping. Larger yards can accommodate piping that is more spread out. Those interested in more information and requesting a free estimate can visit website.

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