Doing Maintenance on Air Conditioning System in Centreville VA

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems in Centreville VA should be routinely maintained, so they work properly when warm weather is present. Taking care of a central air conditioning system can be done before using it for the summer and again before storing it for the winter. Here are some of the main tasks one will need to do when doing maintenance to an air conditioning system of their own.

Before doing work on an air conditioning unit, it should be completely powered down, so there is no risk of injury. This can be done by unplugging the condenser and evaporator. If the outlets are not accessible, shut off power at the control panel.

Cleaning out the condenser portion is one of the main steps that should do to keep the system in the best of shape. This can be done with the assistance of a vacuum clean with a soft-bristle brush attachment to remove any debris from inside the unit. Wipe down the fan blades with a clean piece of microfiber cloth. Turn the fan and wipe in between each blade to get debris out of the engine area. Cover the condenser to protect it from inclement weather and pests during the winter.

The evaporator should be cleaned in the same manner. The coils are usually covered, making it necessary to have an air conditioning service do this portion of the maintenance. If the coils are not covered, a shop vacuum can be used. There is a hose going from the water pump to the evaporator. This should be removed and placed into a sink full of warm water to remove any buildup that may be inside. Failing to do this can lead to mold. The condensation tray should be dumped out and scrubbed with bleach to remove moisture that can cause mold as well.

If someone needs a service dealing with Air conditioning systems in Centreville VA to come do the maintenance, they can call a reputable business in the area. Contact a service like Woody’s Sudden Service to get an estimate. An appointment can then be made to have the work done if desired.

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