HVAC Services in Park Ridge Should Be Inspected Annually

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The HVAC system that keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer needs to be properly maintained. This maintenance begins with an inspection by an experienced technician who will find small problems before they become larger problems. He can also find the problems that are about to become big problems.

HVAC services in Park Ridge has trained technicians with the experience necessary to diagnose how well your systems are functioning and whether they are having problems that are dangerous to the health of the occupants. One of the checks they will make is for carbon monoxide escaping from the furnace or the flue. This is a deadly gas, and it has no odor so you would never know it is a problem. Carbon monoxide kills people every year because they either do not have detectors installed or they have not had their furnace inspected.

The efficiency of your furnace is dependent on how well the burners are working, the thermostat, the combustion chamber, and the fan control. These are all parts that make the system efficient and save on energy costs. There are other parts which the technician will tell you about.

The air conditioning that you depend on in the hot Park Ridge temperatures should be inspected before the cooling season begins. There are probably more parts to your A/C system than any other utility in the home. There is a problem that can keep your home from being as cool as you would like, or it can stop the A/C completely. The coils can get very dirty, and when they do the air which moves over them will not be cooled. You probably cannot see the coils because they are usually mounted out of sight. However, the maintenance checks up technician can see them and he will advise you if they need cleaning. HVAC services in Park Ridge can handle this task.

Many A/C parts need lubricating and this can be done by the technician. All wires should be tightened for the furnace and the A/C unit.

The registers should be checked for the temperature of the cool air coming out of each. This same test should be run for the furnace. A maintenance agreement will get you priority service if you have a problem.

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