The Importance of Heating in Oklahoma City OK

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

With the average temperature in the winter in Oklahoma City being only 39 degrees, heating in homes and businesses is very important. This not only provides a sense of comfort but can also keep people from getting sick or spreading germs to others. When areas get too cold and damp, they are also at risk for mold growth. This can affect a person’s health as well. Heating in Oklahoma City, OK is something that can be maintained and inspected by a local heating contractor to keep up the comfort level in homes. Why is heating so important for the health?

Allergies and Respiratory Infections

When areas become cool, the moisture level increases causing mold growth. This can cause complications with allergies and breathe in people that already may have ongoing respiratory problems. Once mold grows in an area, trained technicians have to come out to remove it. This can be an expensive process depending on how far the mold has spread. Some mold is toxic, and this can worsen allergy symptoms as it is cleaned out. This happens when the mold spores get into the air and release toxins. A mask should be worn to prevent any further inhalation of the mold.

Spread of Viruses and Influenza

Flu and viruses breed in cold weather and spread rapidly. Providing the right heat setting in a home can help prevent the spread of these illnesses. It is also important to keep the heat inside the home. This can be done by closing the blinds or drapes, investing in thick, thermal curtains, and keeping doors and windows closed during the colder weather.


An adult person needs an average of 7-9 hours of sleep per night. In order to sleep well and get restful sleep, the temperature in the home needs to be set to a temperature that makes the body feel comfortable. Lack of sleep can cause the immune system to be weak.

The heating unit being set at the right temperature can help with the electricity or gas bill along with reducing the amount of energy being used in the home. Drabek and Hill Inc. is a reliable contractor for heating in Oklahoma City, OK that can ensure the temperature of your home remains set at the right range. They can also answer any other questions or concerns that people have about their heating units.

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