Save Money With Regular Maintenance For Your Home Air Conditioner System

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Air Conditioning

Home air conditioner units are the most expensive types of appliances to run. Homeowners spend an average of three hundred dollars per month on energy costs. If the unit isn’t well-maintained, energy bills could be much higher and the life of the unit will be much shorter. To combat this, homeowners should contact their local service provider and schedule at least two service visits per year. These service visits will help maintain the unit, reducing energy costs and extending the life of the unit.

The first part of the system that should be checked is the unit itself. Mechanical parts of the unit will experience typical wear and tear. This damage will cause performance issues and make the unit work harder, shortening the life of the appliance. Electrical issues in the unit could cause it to perform less reliably. Breakers in the home may trip, or the unit might not respond when the thermostat sends information that should start the cooling process. With regular service visits from service providers such as AA Temperature Services INC., these issues can be taken care of to improve performance.

The ducts of a cooling system are also very important. Gaps and holes in the ducts could be causing thermal leakage. If air isn’t reaching the inside of the home, the unit will have to work much harder to maintain the temperature. This could be wasting huge amounts of energy and costing the homeowner extra money each month. Over the course of the year, the homeowner will be wasting hundreds of dollars on excess energy use. By closing gaps and holes, the Air Conditioner System will work much more efficiently and cost less to operate.

Semi-annual service visits are vital to the life and performance of a home Air Conditioner System. These visits could save enough money to completely offset the cost of service. This means homeowners will get more out of their investment for almost no cost. It’s recommended that visits are scheduled well ahead of time to avoid waiting for service. With a single phone call, homeowners could be saving hundreds of dollars each year and put their money to much better use. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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