The Benefits of Split System Heating and Cooling in Guntersville, AL

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioners include both outdoor and indoor components. These parts are connected by conduits housing power cables, refrigerant and suction tubing, and condensate drain lines. Read on for more information on split AC systems and their benefits.

They’re Perfect for Buildings With No Ductwork

One of the biggest advantages of a split system is that it provides adequate cooling without the use of ductwork. Many older buildings lack ductwork, and in cases where a property owner needs to retrofit a building, a split AC system may be the right solution for Heating And Cooling in Guntersville, AL.

Split Systems for Small Spaces

A split AC system takes up little space for the comfort it provides, which makes it great for a small space. Just one outdoor condenser/compressor can accommodate four indoor air handlers, which means the unit can cool four rooms.

Energy Efficiency

With on-demand cooling and heating, building owners will save money. Each part of the structure is controlled by a separate thermostat, which means the owner only pays to cool the space if it’s occupied. Split systems provide heating as well, which helps owners save during mild winters. Though split systems come with higher upfront costs than some other systems, they provide long-term savings.

Easy Installation

Split system installation is relatively straightforward for an HVAC professional. The link between the outdoor and indoor units requires only a small hole for a conduit. In most cases, an outdoor unit can be placed about 50 feet from the indoor unit. With such design flexibility, it’s easy to cool a building and conceal outdoor components.

Quiet Use

Traditional systems are noisy because mechanical components must be big enough to move air through the ducts, which may vibrate and rattle. Window units are quite noisy as well because the fan and the compressor are housed in one unit. With a split system, the noisy parts are outside and no ductwork is required.


Split air conditioning systems provide all the cooling power of a central AC unit without the noise and inconvenience. To learn more about Heating And Cooling in Guntersville AL, call Corbin’s Your Indoor Air Quality Specialist today.

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