Water Heater Services in Northport, AL: Getting to the Bottom of Your Water Heater Issues

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The good thing about a standard water heater is that not only does it provide adequate amounts of hot water for a home, but it is also often an extremely durable and long-lasting appliance. However, even with the most efficient design and the quality used in the construction of a water heater, these systems may fail over time. These are situations where water heater services in Northport AL will become extremely important.

The Type of Water Heater Being Used

There are a few things that can come up with a water heater. However, a number of the problems a water heater may face has everything to do with the type of water heater being used. Today, the two main types water heaters are a standard tank system or a tankless water heater.

Problems with Standard Water Heaters

For a standard tank water heater, the heating element is a typical problem. If the water heater is powered by natural gas, there could be a problem with the pilot light. For an electric unit, it could mean the heating element in the water heater has begun to fail. In these situations, replacing a pilot light unit or a heating element usually gets the water heater up and running again almost immediately. However, there are instances where the tank itself may begin to corrode and leak. In these situations, as tanks can’t be repaired, the water heater will need to be replaced.

Tankless Issues

For tankless systems, a mineral buildup can affect the water heater’s efficiency. Most of the time, removing this corrosion gets the tankless water heater working again. In some instances, if the water heater is powered by gas or electricity, the energy delivery system may be faulty and will need to be repaired to get the water heater working properly.

Water heater services in Northport AL may need to look at several things when it comes to a problematic water heater, as there are various other potential water heater problems. That’s why, if your water heater is experiencing issues, you may want to contact Turner Plumbing Inc and have them come out to fix the problem.

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