What to Try First Before Calling A Heating And Cooling Specialist in Apex

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When the air conditioning goes on the blink at home, it is the natural inclination to call a heating and cooling specialist in Apex. But, it only makes sense to try as many things as possible yourself first before calling in the experts. After all, if you can save money, you should. Therefore, experts suggest that homeowners try the following tips first before calling in the big guns.

* Check your breakers. It may sound simple, but wouldn’t you hate to pay for a service call only to have the technician walk out to the garage and flip a breaker?

* Check your filters. Clogged filters are prone to cause the outdoor unit to shut down due to improper air flow. If you can’t remember how long it’s been since you changed them, it’s been to long. As a rule of thumb, especially during the summer, filters should be changed once a month. So, when you flip the calendar page, change your filters, too.

* Take a look at the unit outside, making sure the disconnect switch is positioned to ON.

* In hot rooms, make sure all of the return air grilles are open and not blocked by furniture.

* Make certain the blower motor in the furnace is running. If the thermostat is set to the cool setting, the AC unit’s blower should be blowing. If it’s not, check the on/off switch to make sure it’s “on”.

But, in all honesty, you can try all these things and still, the house can still be hot as blue blazes. There are still going to be times when it’s necessary to call in a heating and cooling specialist in Apex. These people know the systems inside out and know what to do when the obvious solutions just won’t work.

It’s going to cost more than a simple filter, yes, but there are affordable alternatives in the marketplace. Actually, there are trained, experienced AC experts who can take care of servicing your equipment in a professional and prompt manner. So, when you’ve done all you can do for the issues at hand, contact Any Day Heating & Cooling.

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