Hiring a Company for Air Conditioning Services in Harford County, MD

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Heating and Air Conditioning

During the hottest months of summer, you rely on your home’s AC unit to work reliably. You do not expect it to start blowing out hot air or stop working altogether.

However, even the best of AC units can malfunction or overheat. You can restore its function and reliability by hiring a company for its air conditioning services in Harford County, MD, today.

Putting in More Freon

One of the main causes for AC unit malfunctions involves little to no Freon. When the reservoir where this coolant is stored is dry, it can cause the unit to blow hot or stop working. The fix demands that more coolant be put into the motor so that the unit can work properly again.

However, it is illegal for homeowners to handle Freon designed for HVAC systems. The law requires that it be handled by licensed and trained technicians. The company that dispatches a technician to your home will ensure that he or she has the proper credentials and can put in more Freon quickly.

The technician can also tighten hoses and valves, clean off the outside unit and clean out the vents inside of your home. These steps are imperative to ensuring that the unit can function correctly and not blow out hot air or freeze up.

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