Things to Know About Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Fountain, CO

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Summer is on the way, which means many people are thinking of Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Fountain CO. An efficient, well-installed central air unit can make the entire home more comfortable, but there are things to think about before proceeding with an installation. Below are a few things to know about central AC.

Proper Sizing is Important

Air conditioning units are measured per ton, which is the energy emitted by a one-ton ice block as it melts during a day. Buyers should expect to pay $2000-$4000 per ton, and the average 2000-square-foot house may need three and one-half tons of cooling power. Getting the right tonnage is essential. A too-big system will cool the home so fast that the air remains humid, and a too-small unit will run constantly, increasing utility bills and leading to premature failure. After doing a heat load calculation, the contractor will recommend the right size unit.

Ductwork Isn’t Necessary

If a home has an old forced or central air system, the contractor can connect additional equipment to existing ducts in some cases. However, if the home’s current ducts are leaky, up to 20% of conditioned air may be lost in the basement and attic. Before having a unit installed, have the ducts checked and sealed. It adds a little more to the cost of air conditioning unit installation in Fountain CO, but the customer can recoup the cost in the form of lower heating and cooling bills.

Don’t Forget the Filter

When installing a central air unit, don’t do so without installing a high-efficiency air filter as well. These filters clean the air as it moves throughout the system, reducing dust and pollen and keeping the unit’s inner workings efficient and clean. A filter with a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) of 12 adds up to $1000 to the job’s cost, but it may reduce overall maintenance costs by up to $250 per year.

Installing an air conditioning unit is a significant investment, but it pays dividends in terms of improved comfort and increased home value. Visit website or call the company to schedule an estimate.

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